IPL-LHE Photorejuvenation

The Science of Light & Heat Energy LHE Technology (Light & Heat Energy) delivers effective and safe skin care. Enables it to be used for a wide variety of applications; Psoriasis Care, Acne Clearance, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Reduction, Collagen Renewal, Vascular and Pigmented Lesion Treatments and Hair Removal, Non-invasive, non-abrasive treatments, No down time, Clinically proven results, Proven safety and efficacy for all skin types,Especially suited for all Skin Types 

The Development of Phototherapy :Phototherapy uses light to heal or treat a medical or aesthetic condition. Phototherapy balances wavelengths, intensity and exposure (pulse) duration to tailor each treatment to specific needs and conditions.Light-based therapy, selective photothermolysis maintains that by optimizing certain application parameters, the practitioner can target a specific chromophore while minimizing the effect on surrounding tissue.Most light-based technologies, like laser and  pure Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), rely on light energy only They filter out the heat created by the light flash or pulse. Because they filter out the heat instead of using it, they require very high fluences for clinical efficacy, that require skin cooling techniques to protect the client from burns. 

The LHE DifferenceLHE advances the principles of selective photothermolysis. Patented internal filters protect the skin to achieve thermal absorption characteristics and create the exact balance of light and heat necessary to achieve clinical eficasie. LHE’s natural fusion of light and heat creates a far more efficient photo thermal technique. The addition of direct heat increases overall effectiveness and lowers fluence to ultra safe levels.allowing to eliminate the need for skin cooling techniques, simplify the treatment process and minimize risk of harmful side effects, making it safer, easier and more cost effective.This unique balance of light and heat also enabled effective treatment for the more difficult hair (i.e., salt-n-pepper) and skin types. Skin Types V-VI and sensitive, and Asian skin could now comfortably and safely benefit from phototherapy treatments.

Aplications : Skin Rejuvenation & Collagen RenewalSkin rejuvenation can be divided into several categories; the removal of pigmented lesions, the removal of vascular lesions, the improvement of skin texture and tone, and the smoothing of lines and wrinkles. A comprehensive skin rejuvenation treatment may simultaneously include several of these goals. Although LHE employs a singular treatment type for all skin rejuvenation elements, the underlying processes that bring about the results are different. LHE’s optimal balance of light and heat enables you to accomplish this multi-factorial process without having to change treatment heads.

Collagen Renewal & Wrinkle Reduction:The LHE effect on skin texture is based on the stimulation of new collagen growth that will help replenish and even out the shrunken dermis layer. Tone and texture improve and fine lines and wrinkles fade as collagen rebuilds.LHE creates a mild thermal insult to the dermal/epidermal junction.LHE phototherapy has shown an excellent safety profile for skin types I through VI, and consistent results for pigmented and vascular lesions, primarily with reduction of unwanted pigment and improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesThe thermal trauma triggers a wound-heal response and new collagen remodels under the undamaged layer.Near and mid infrared wavelengths (700 and above) are directly absorbed by intra and extracellular water. The resulting mild thermal insult to the papillary and upper reticular dermis leads to fibroblast activation. Fibroblasts are the cells of connective tissue responsible for making the collagen and elastin fiber cells found in the connective tissue of the dermis.The creation of new collagen and connective material caused by the thermal insult and subsequent fibroblast activation occurs over a period of a few weeks to a few months. This wound healing response leads to improvement in skin texture and the smoothing of fine lines.

Contraindications: pregnancy,lactating, sun exposure or artificial tanning before treatment,tattoo or permanent make up in the treatment area,consumption of photosensitive meds,diabetes abnormal skin condition other skin diseases, Accutane per 6 months,3 months of steroidal meds prior to treatment, herpes  history on the treatment area, epilepsy,pacemaker,insulin pump, disease such as porphyria,polymorphic light eruption,solar urticaria.lupus, history of cancer for less than a year radiation or chemotherapy within the pass 3 months, other condition which in the opinion of your health care provider would make unsafe to be treated.