Aquasure H2

Hydrogen Therapy

It consists in providing the skin with hydrogen molecules that purify the skin at the cellular level.molecules are the smallest of the 4 major antioxidants and lightest element, is able to penetrate into the deep structures of the skin. Active hydrogen is supplied to the skin with a saturated stream of water, which additionally exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving it thoroughly cleansed. In addition, active hydrogen has anti-aging properties eliminating free oxygen radicals. Thanks to its low weight it penetrates deep into the skin, where it combines with the reactive and the most harmful free oxygen radicals, and then in the form of water is removed from the body, thereby stopping the aging process of the skin. It turns out that hydrogen is the strongest antioxidant, it is much more effective than vitamin C, or even coenzyme q10. Hydrogen purification is therefore a method of purifying the skin, which works not only in a multi-stage but also comprehensively.

REVOLUSSIONARY NEW TECHNOLOGY Aqua peel H2 Therapy  Multi-stage skin cleansing involves thorough cleansing of the skin, so that it looks healthy and radiant. The multi-stage not only indicates that the cleaning consists of several steps, but also that it works multitasking. Its basis is thorough skin cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing and anti-aging effect
1  HYDROGEN CLEANSING  Active hydrogen water effectively cleans the skin at the cellular level. At the same time, it neutralizes and reduces oxygen free radicals responsible for aging of the skin, thanks to which it  helps to reduce inflamation stops the aging process. 

2  HYDRO PEEL EXFOLIATION  Aquapeeling exfoliation or water microdermabrasion treatment is performed under high water pressure, thanks to which it allows to achieve smooth, uniform and fresh skin.this step of the procedure removes dead cells and impurities from the surface of the skin .

3  PREMIUM INFUSION During the treatment, in the form of a premium serum, nutritive substances are introduced into the skin cells.The effect of exfoliation is intensified due to lactic acid, nutritional and regenerating effects are due to the active vitamin c and other acrtive ingredients.

4  LIFTING MCS The end of the procedure is the massage stage using the MCS head using microcurrent stimulation. It allows to increase skin elasticity and tension, and to activate the blood flow process, starting the process of reconstruction of collagen and elastin.

AQUAPEEL H2 EFFECTS Thanks to multi-stage hydrogen purification, during one treatment we get an immediate effect of cleansing, smoothing, deep moisturizing and lifting. The Aquasure H2 system allows you to work on many skin problems. The complexion after hydrogen purification regains its lost glow, remains thoroughly cleansed and moisturized. By reducing the amount of harmful free radicals, the aging process of the skin is significantly delayed.:Cleansing the skin, Deep moisturizing,Elimination of free radicals, Lifting and smoothing.

Contraindications::surgical operations,pregnancy,nursing,epileptics,acute inflammation,communicable disease,tumors,wounds,heart,kidney disease,diabetes,brain,cervical,ganglia,spine,eyeball,bleeding infections,operator of pulse generator,,implant,plastic bone cement,abdomen operation,during menstrual periods,loops,urinary incontinence,acute disease,blood over 38 degree,blood pressure abnormality,infections,tuberculosis,allergy and hemophilia,anatomic bomb disease, communicable disease,,melanosis of the face,a man internal heat,not good health,people taking meds child under 12 yrs old.outpatients  should ask DR advised before use.