About me

   My name is Victoria and I am a California Estate board Licensed Skin care therapist and specialist and cosmetologist. CIAE certified in advance skin treatments.

 I only provide treatments and techniques for which I am fully trained  to represent my education training, qualifications and abilities honestly. Is my responsibility to refer my clients to another provider if the client requires work beyond my abilities,scope of practice or training.

I stand for quality and an effective skin care. I intent to preserve beauty because beauty is my passion and profession. I am dedicated and take my profession the extra mile.

I actively participate in educating the public on the benefits of maintaining and improving healthy skin.I do not make  false claims regarding the potential benefits of services and products that I provide. I do not apply contraindicated products ,techniques or treatments with out the proper awareness of treatments I offer.

I constantly boost my skills in every area that covers my profession by taking educational live,recorded,video seminars,attending events,subscriptions,researching on topics from treatments and modalities to provide the best from the industry to your skin goals.My work speaks for themselves.